Aston Villa Hand Chelsea 2nd Loss, Come From Behind to Win 2-1

Richard DunneImage: Source

Chelsea got a lucky bounce in the 15th minute and a shaky Brad Friedel, giving them them an undeserved lead against a very aggressive Aston Villa. But then Chelsea failed at something you don’t expect a team like that to fail in – defending the corner kicks. Putting two men on John Carew in each free kick or corner always left a defender open – Richard Dunne was the one who equalized, as Frank Lampard failed to clear Ashley Young’s corner and a completely uncovered James Collins put Villa ahead in the beginning of the second half as Petr Cech didn’t do a great job on his timing.

Aston Villa showed all their strengths – a super fast attack with Young and Agbonlahor constantly beating Chelsea defenders on the wings and a strong and relentless defense. Brad Friedel made up for his mistake, stopping an open Anelka twice in front of goal.

Chelsea and Ancelotti now have a Champions League game on their head and also the very poor form of almost everyone on the side this afternoon. Villa? Just made the top of the table much more crowded. Are they here to stay? Wins against Chelsea and Liverpool suggest they are, but it’s still too soon to tell.

Didier Drogba, 15th minute

Richard Dunne, 32nd minute

James Collins, 52nd minute

Sunderland – Liverpool

Manchester United – Bolton