The Pathetic 2:59 of Klitschko vs Solis

Boxing needs the heavyweight division to be good again. With all the blows it has taken in recent decades, the last two years had a sort of “coming back” feeling to it. Still, the weight class that will pull the public back to boxing is the Heavyweight. The great fighters aren’t there but watching the bigger and badder exchange blows always had it’s appeal.

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The Klitschko dominance during the last decade, even while Vitali was retiring has been boring and dull. Maybe there are that good, but maybe there has been no depth in the division for over a decade now. Last night’s fight between the Cuban Odlanier Solis, undefeated before the fight bringing tons of amateur credentials and Olympic gold had the potential to bring some life back into the sport. With big fights not happening (Pacman and Floyd), over hyping mediocre fighters and bouts is a must to keep the sport relevant. There’s the Klitschko vs Haye fight in a few months that might do this. Last night didn’t.

Solis fell just as the first round was ending. At first it looked like Vitali was able to get a shot on Solis’ head. Solis got up, but couldn’t manage steadying himself on his injured leg. With more and more replays, with the look in the Solis corner, the truth came out. It had nothing to do with the reigning WBC champions. It was Solis knee or ankle, possibly tearing a ligament, that ended this fight which will now be forever remembered as another boxing disgrace and a heavyweight blunder. The crowd booed, the remarks and comments of another thrown fight came out. The Klitschko’s are still the champions, and the heavyweight division is still alive, but just barely.