Aftermath of the Klitschko – Adamek Title Fight

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Another challenge on the Klitschko brothers empire sunk last night in Poland. Vitali Klitschko’s superior height, weight, strength, size, experience, reach, you name it, was just too much for Tomasz Adamek, who went down once and got his face pulverized through 10 rounds until the referee stopped the fight.

Vitali Klitschko, nicknamed Doctor Iron fist, at 40, retained his WBC Heavyweight title belt, and again looks over the division high, tall and pretty much unbeatable. There’s no one out there, in the WBC rankings or any other rankings that seems even remotely capable of giving the two brothers a fight. The titles, all the Heavyweight titles are destined to retire the division out.

Speed ain’t enough, wasn’t enough for Adamek, like it wasn’t for Haye against Wladimir in that unification title fight. Haye put out a cowardly, awkward display. He later blamed his broken toe, which he so proudly demonstrated to the press, for his “flat” performance. Adamek was brave. We have to give him that. He kept going in towards the jabs, somehow certain that eventually, he’ll penetrate that Titanium-Ukrainian shield. It didn’t happen.

Adamek got cut and swollen up, dropped once in the sixth. The Klitschko slip in the eigth did get some cheers from the home fans, but that was without any real result and effect. It was just a slip, not even a knockdown. Vitali remains unknocked down throughout his career.

Legacy? This doesn’t change anything. Those who think the Klitschko’s and especially Vitali, who does try to get people knocked out, and succeeds almost every time (43-2, 40 KO’s), differing from his brother who usually settles for that jab factory while fending off futile attacks, are among all time greats, will still think that after last night. Those who think they’ve ruined the division and all their success relies on the depleted depth of the Heavyweight ranks during the past decade won’t change their minds.

Greatness can be a curse, like success, and the Klitschko’s have certainly been successful. Great? I guess it’s in the eye of the boxing fan.

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The other big news to come out of this fight is the fact that David Haye will get his chance to fight the older Klitschko brother. Haye was practically begging for another shot at a K’ brother after his decision loss to Wladimir. He got it. Vitali announced he’ll have probably 3 more fights before he retires for good (already retired once, for four years, in 2004 after a knee injury), and has his attention turned to Haye now – David Haye, world famous not for boxing skills but for his long tongue. You know what, with his trash talking, he touched me and my brother personally. I want to knock him out. I am serious. I want to knock him out. 

For Klitschko, there might be other opponents – Robert Helenius (16-0) who can match Klitschko’s size. He’s probably too young and might need a year and a few more fights to be ready for this mountain of challenge. Alexander Povetkin’s name (22-0) has also been thrown around. Still, knocking out Haye, who will postpone his retirement to get another shot (and if he loses will postpone it some more probably) is just too good of an opportunity to pass.