Dr. Ironfist Brings Another Jab-Cross Clinic (Vitali Klitschko vs Tomasz Adamek)

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Whether you like the Klitshcko brothers or not, their domination in the Heavyweight division for what seems like forever continues with hardly a disturbance, as the WBC World Heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko added another knockout to his record (43-2, 40 KO’s) with a brutal beating of former Cruiserweight champion, Tomasz Adamek.

For a moment there, Adamek seemed to do the impossible. Vitali was on the canvas, on his behind. He has never been knocked down, and the quick eye movement got us thinking for us a second that maybe Adamek had a chance. Mind you, it was the 8th round. Adamek’s face has already taken multiple hits from the jab-jab-jab cross punishment that the 40 year old Ukranian loves to inflict. A quick look at the replay squandered the home fans’ hope. It was just a slip. No knockdown. And that was pretty much it for Adamek.

Klitschko became more aggressive, Adamek more groggy, less aware and able. His head was down, eyes swollen, cuts bleeding, looking at the gloves coming at him time and time again. It was only a question of when the fight will be stopped – by Adamek’s corner or the official. Eventually, it was the official, in the 10th. Too much bleeding from the Polish fighter, who fought a brave, but hopeless fight.

Fights like these make you think of a Super Heavyweight division. Fights like these make you wonder why Adamek left Cruiserweight at all. The challenge, right. With the pool of heavyweights out of quality fighters, Adamek managed to look like a worthy contender. A disguise ripped off him tonight Wroclaw in front of 44,000 fans.

For Vitali? It probably set up a fight with David Haye, who was pleading for another chance to beat a Klitschko. Broken toe or healthy feet, Haye, another former Crusierweight, as of now, seems to be another pretender. Vitali, unlike Wladimir, doesn’t wait around and just fends off while scoring points. The man goes for the kill, with freakish accuracy. Adamek couldn’t get in enough, despite all of his tries. Klitschko? Too big, too good, too strong. A freak of nature, at 40 years old, not too far from his retirement (three more fights according to his team), and still pretty much impossible to beat.