On Dwyane Wade’s 41 Points and the Full Court Alley Oop to LeBron

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I don’t know what was more amazing in the Miami Heat 110-103 win over the Indiana Pacers – Wade’s 41 point night, scoring 22 in the first quarter alone, the fact that Miami lost a 24 point lead to the Pacers who actually got the lead early in the fourth, only to face a once again motivated Miami defense, holding the Pacers to 6-23 from the field in the fourth quarter, or Wade’s full court pass to LeBron who finished it in mid air.

Amazing indeed. LeBron and others compared it to a qb finding his receiver, Rodgers to Jennings if you will, given recent events. Still, amazing stuff aside, the Heat do have problems. They can be exciting on both ends of the court when they got everything clicking, if good D excites you. They can be awful, lazy and irresponsible. Their bench can be a complete non factor like last night (90 points from Wade-James-Bosh, 20 from the rest) and their point guard play, especially on D, is a big problem. Spoelstra  – lots of work to do. I’m one of those who believes the Heat do have ‘best in the league’ hidden inside them. But they need more than two good quarters of effort to make it out of the playoffs with a title.

On more happy news, Sportige.com’s favorite Canadian point guard, Steve Nash (hard to guess, ha?) had a hell of a night, leading the Phoenix Suns to a 102-101 win over the slumping and a tad lost (karma problem maybe) Utah Jazz. Nash also improved his positions on some all time lists – He passed Gary Payton on the all time assist list, now 7th, and tied with Eddie Jones on the three-pointers list at 10th.