Was it Darrelle Revis or a Hacker?

Darrelle Revis

No NFL means time for stupid things to make headlines, besides draft rumors and fringe free agents. Darrelle Revis fighting with New England Patriots fans on Instagram? Revis later saying it was a hacker? Fits the bill.

So here’s how the story goes, more or less. Revis, off an excellent season with the New England Patriots that includes Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors but most importantly winning the Super Bowl, goes and signs a huge deal with the New York Jets. Five years, $70 million, $39 million in guaranteed money. That’s about it from an actual report-worthy standpoint.

But in comes social media. And some Patriots fans having a go at Revis on Instagram. And Revis, or who everyone thought was Revis, fired back.

Revis Instagram

Revis Instagram 2

So is Revis actually giving these answers to Internet trolls? Did they manage to rattle him that much?

Well, like every good athlete or politician who says something that might be regrettable, Revis comes in with the ‘I’ve been hacked response.’ And we’ll never know who actually wrote such Shakespearean lines like ‘your best is to shut the f**k up, be a spectator & watch me do something you wish you could do.

Revis Twitter

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