Was the Slide Worth it, Josh Hamilton?

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Everything was clicking for the Texas Rangers during the first two weeks of this season. The Rangers had the best record in Baseball. They had the wonderful 2010 to build – the Franchise’s first world series appearance and the AL West, once again, ready for the taking. Josh Hamilton was the MVP last year, the ALCS MVP and the AL’s batting champions.

Yesterday, against the Tigers, a game that ended in a 5-4 loss, things have once again blown up for the Rangers. The fragile Josh Hamilton made a slide to home plate, head first, and ended up with a broken right arm. He won’t be able to hold a bat for a month. He won’t be playing for two. Yesterday, before it was confirmed he broke his arm, Hamilton said he didn’t feel good about it, and the injury was refered to as a strain. How they wish it stayed that way.

Funnily enough, a blaming game ensued, as Hamilton blamed third-base coach Dave Anderson for waving him home. Anderson blamed Hamilton for sliding head first. The Rangers’ GM backed Anderson. Way to keep your best player happy as he goes into another injury hiatus, not the first time in his career.

What’s next? Manager Ron Washington says he’ll sure the Rangers will bounce back from this blow. They had their share of blows last year, on and off the baseball ground. Can they keep the fort until Hamilton (.333, 7 RBI’s this year) returns?