Washington Redskins – Defense on Pace to be the Worst Ever

Mike Shanahan

Quarterbacks usually get most of the criticism when NFL teams do badly, but the Washington Redskins have more issues than Robert Griffin III, especially on defense, which has so far been setting records of the wrong kind, and currently on pace to be remembered as the worst to ever take the field in a football game.

Three games into this season, the Redskins have allowed 1464 yards as they’ve lost three times as well. Losing against the Lions 27-20 and giving up 420 yards was actually their “best” of the season, after giving up 580 yards in week 2 as they lost by 18 points to the Packers and gave up 443 yards in their 33-27 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

How does this compare to the rest of the league? The Redskins are last in the NFL, slightly worse than the Chargers, giving up 488 yards per game. They’ve allowed 333 yards per game, 30th in the NFL, and 155 yards per game on the ground, tied for 30th in the league as well. Points? Only the Giants (38.7) have allowed more than Washington, sitting comfortable at 31st with a 32.7 average.

Want more? Quarterbacks complete 67.9% of their passes against the Redskins (28th in the NFL), and the Redskins give up more yards per play (9.8) than anyone else. The passer rating against them (120.1) is also the highest in the NFL.

Turnovers? They’ve intercepted only one pass so far and have been average at forcing fumbles (3). There are defenses that give up plenty of yards but are good in the takeaway department. The Redskins have talent to build upon on offense with Griffin and Morris, but their defense has been so bad this season, while Robert Griffin III has been nothing special so he can’t hide those faults anymore.

Mike Shanahan, at least in the media, isn’t taking a lot of heat. It seems like everyone is too concerned with Robert Griffin III not running as well as he did last season, but when a defense has been so bad and even gotten worse over the last couple of seasons, it’s impossible to keep focusing on a quarterback that’s only in his second year, and is probably going to need more time to get back to where he was last year, if it’s even possibly anymore.

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