Washington Redskins – What the Hell is Going On?

Washington Redskins

Three separate stories about the Washington Redskins involving Robert Griffin III, Jay Gruden worried about players tweeting and the lack of a quarterback since the beginning of this season (!!!) are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the disaster that is happening to this franchise for a second consecutive season.

We’ll begin with Griffin, who has gone from a rookie quarterback prodigy during his first season, to someone who needs time to shake off his injury in his second, and now into a lost cause of a player with bad mechanics or anything else a pocket quarterback needs, and is on the verge of being thrown out by the franchise who gave up a lot (too much probably in hindsight) for him to get him on draft night.

According to Mike Jones of the Washington Post Griffin has been practicing on his own after team practice, or at least he was last Friday, a couple of days before the Redskins were beaten, not to mention humiliated by the St. Louis Rams 24-0, with Colt McCoy starting at quarterback. Griffin came on to play late in the game, throwing four passes and completing three of them.

Well, his post-practice wasn’t exactly self improving activity. Griffin spent about 40 minutes on his own while the rest of the team was getting dressed to leave by punting the ball and running after it. Like a kid in the park with no friends. Understand from that what you will.

While there’s a rumor running around that Dan Snyder, who has a special kind of bond with Griffin and seems to be loyal to him beyond a healthy point, might fire Jay Gruden after just one season. Gruden in the meantime is going to pay special attention to his players’ twitter accounts and read out some of the things they’re writing, just to let them know he’s paying attention.

And there’s the fact that the team doesn’t have a quarterback coach, which might explain something about the form of Griffin, McCoy and Cousins, all seemingly getting worse with every game that goes by. Jay Gruden could consider adding one next season. Could.

The Redskins are 3-10 so far this season, last in the NFC East. They finished last in the division last year as well at 3-13.

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