Wayne Rooney on Cristiano Ronaldo – Nothing we Didn’t Know

So Cristiano Ronaldo has the biggest ego in the world? He loves himself? His main goal in life is to be the best player in the world and to be recognized for it? Wayne Rooney giving a little preview regarding the Portuguese star from his upcoming biography doesn’t surprise anyone, although it might shock some as to the level of his narcissism.

So what beans does Rooney spill about his former Manchester United teammate? Not that much, or at least not much that has been revealed to us as of yet. Just that he loved to look at himself in the mirror, wear fancy and expensive clothes and be constantly obsessed about becoming the best in the world.

Lets face it – He worked hard to reach that goal. Nothing more than a fancy dribbler at first, Ronaldo bulked up and kept adding (he actually keeps adding) more spects to his game, becoming the most lethal football machine on the planet for a short while, until the ultimate rise of Lionel Messi, although that’s a debate that never, and probably won’t ever end. You know our site’s opining on the matter, and lets not expand on that here.

Rooney’s take on Ronaldo’s work ethic isn’t new to anyone. Despite being his own number one fan and one of the top four-five sport stars in the world, Ronaldo isn’t a lazy player. Not on the pitch, and not on the training ground, be it with Real Madrid or Portugal. He didn’t get to where he is purely on talent and luck.

Rooney compares himself to Ronaldo regarding the need for praise and desire to be better than anyone. Ambition isn’t bad, but it’s clear that when Ronaldo talks about not caring that much about individual awards when compared to titles with his team he’s obviously lying. Just the look on his face when Andres Iniesta’s name was called at the UEFA gala was enough to tell us how badly he wanted it, and how he felt about not winning it, especially when compared with the smirking Lionel Messi.

Does it make Ronaldo a bad person? Nope. He is what he is – A big star who acts like it, and has plenty of love for himself while having that need stars often have to see it reflected from others. Be it by praises or by the amount of money he gets from his team and sponsors for being the amazing specimen of football that he is.

Is he going to be any less liked because of Wayne Rooney’s book? I find that hard to believe. Ronaldo has one thing that transcends Messi. He makes everyone feel something about him – You either love/like him or dislike/hate him. It’s hard to ignore the football skills, but it’s also hard to ignore the arrogance and his behavior, especially when things don’t go his way. It’ll never change. Interesting, great figures are like that. Ronaldo, loved or not, is a super interesting figure.

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