Wayne Rooney – Wrist Breaker

Wayne Rooney didn’t score in Manchester United’s comfortable 5-0 win over Wolves, but there’s no doubt that he’s rebounded this season after a troublesome 2010-2011 campaign. He has scored 20 league goals for United in 25 matches, leading the way to what might be a fifth league title in six years. But at least he did get some damage done at Wolverhampton.

Not the kind of damage he should be doing, and it happened to a Manchester United fan, worst of all, but hey, that’s the risk of buying over-priced tickets to see over-paid football stars. Rooney was warming up and using fans as target practice, and young (9 year old) Jamie Thomas was trying to protect his face while Rooney’s practice shots were missing the goal. Apparently, he broke his wrist while saving himself from a broken nose.

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The Victim – It all happened so fast, one minute I was watching Wayne take shots at goal and the next the ball was flying towards me. It was coming really fast and I just put my hands up. I felt like a rocket had hit my arm but I was buzzing because Wayne had kicked it. I thought my arm and wrist was okay but it was getting more painful.

Rooney himself, who obviously didn’t mean to hurt the young land – I want to apologise to Jamie Thomas. I have arranged for a letter and a signed shirt to be sent to his home address. If this was a Liverpool fan, I’m pretty sure the answer, and the intent, would be completely different.