Wayne Rooney Nutmegs David Moyes in Training

Despite doing really badly compared to expectations, not everything is dark and sad about Manchester United in training, as it seems like Wayne Rooney having a little bit of fun with David Moyes and nutmegging the manager isn’t too out of place, with smiles all around following.

Manchester United are headed towards a huge match for them – overcoming a 2-0 deficit from their visit to Greece, losing to Olympiakos. This isn’t only about remaining in the only competition they have a shot (a theoretical one, mind you) to win, but also a lot about Moyes and his future with the club.

Everyone, including us, have been harsh on Moyes. Some of it has been for good reason: When the Premier League champions look so abysmal for nearly an entire season and can’t find their way out of 7th place while the manager doesn’t seem to be offering any vision, improvement or solid explanation, criticism is soon to follow.

But there have also been the rumors: Rio Ferdinand getting tired of Moyes and especially all the Jagielka references; Ryan Giggs and the dressing room drifting apart from Moyes. Maybe it’s true, but there’s nothing solid at the moment but hearsay, while connecting the dots through the results and the overall body language from Moyes and his players.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That might be the underline quote that follows David Moyes’ first season, but there’s still time to create good memories from this campaign. Who knows – maybe a little bit of joy and humility in training is the path that brings him and his club towards some much needed relief.