Wayne Rooney’s Goal Voted Best in Premier League’s 20 Years

Wayne Rooney’s brilliant goal again Manchester City might have been the ‘last goal in’ to the voting process of the greatest goal in the 20 years of the Premier League, but it won anyway, receiving 26% of the votes, beating Dennis Bergkamp (19) and Thierry Henry (15).

It took a couple of weeks, but It’s not surprising that Rooney won it. Not because his goal was the best, but because it did cause quite a stir around the football world and the web back in February 2011, enjoying some viral advantages past goals didn’t. The freshness of the whole situation didn’t harm his chances as well.

I grew up watching the Premier League so to be voted the Best Goal in the history of the Premier League is a great feeling. There’s so many good goals in that shortlist, goals that I watched in my living room as a kid: Alan Shearer’s goal, Paulo Di Canio’s, Tony Yeboah’s, David Beckham’s. To be competing with them and winning is a great honour for me and something I’m very proud of. I’d like to say a big thank you to all the fans that voted for me. (Wayne Rooney)

Rooney is having what might be his best season ever, scoring 26 league goals in 32 matches for Manchester United, although he and the team might finish the season empty handed. Early knockout from the Champions League and later the Europa League (which they didn’t care for much), added with the defeats in the cup competitions have left United with the league title. Right now, they’re behind on goal difference with two matches left to play.

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