Weird and Unusual Sports – Bossaball

Hey, summer needs some gaps to be filled. No NBA, no soccer until the Copa America starts, who knows what’s going on with the NFL and Tennis only bring a partial solace. We need some stuff to make our days better, happier. So if you’re into playing volleyball with a touch of soccer, some gymnastics and even some capoeira (depends on the player I guess), than Bossaball is for you.

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The game was invented by a Belgian, Filip Eyckmans, developing it in Spain between 2003-2005. What he came up with is pretty much volleyball on trampolines. The game goes pretty much like this – each team, with 3-5 players, has one player in the circle trampoline zone close to the net. The rest are positioned on the inflatables around him. A server sends the ball to the opposite side, where the defending team can use up to 8 contacts, including two successive with the head or feet by any player, to set the ball up for the attacker to spike the ball with any body part he wishes.

Although gaining popularity around various countries around the world, it’s mostly popular in Spain and yeah, you guessed it, Brazil. The latter have two selection sides touring the world and promoting the sport. If you’re intrigues, check out more on their official website.