Welington With the Most Embarrassing Double Dive This Season


Diving is a plague in football, but until longer suspensions are handed out, players won’t mind humiliating themselves in front of millions as long as it gets them an advantage. Welington of Malaga tried something quite pathetic in the match against Atletico Madrid. Luckily, it didn’t really grant him anything.

Atletico won the match 1-0 thanks to Koke scoring the winning goal. However, the most noteworthy moment came around the corner flag and had no implication on the result. It involved Christian Rodriguez pressuring Welington towards the flag, and the 34-year old Brazilian resorting to dirty tactics in order to get himself out of a tough spot.

It began with Rodriguez narrowing him down to the corner flag, bringing pressure from behind. Welington didn’t even have the space to clear the ball, so he simply fell to the ground in hope of getting a free kick. That one? The referee bought.

But it wasn’t over. After getting the free kick Welington tried shoving Rodriguez with the ball, trying to get him to backup. When that didn’t work, he made it seem like he was fouled or hit by Rodriguez again, falling to the ground and holding his head in what of the most shameful acts of cheating we’ve seen this season.

Rodriguez was booked during his 30 minutes on the pitch, but not for this piece of football theater, which should bring Welington to a 2-3 match suspension, although that’s probably not going to happen.