What do Bayern do With Arjen Robben

Some player hate getting booed by opposing fans, losing their focus in the process. Other love the animosity, simply playing better when faced with noisy fans. Arjen Robben had to hear his own fans loudly boo him during the friendly between Bayern Munich and the Netherlands.

Did he really not expect this coming? At least a little bit? Robben would probably say he feels worse than anybody; Maybe he does. Missing a penalty kick in the Champions League final, at extra time. He missed a penalty kick in the final minutes of Bayern’s last chance match against Dortmund. But it’s not just the penalties. Fans aren’t that dumb.

Robben’s overall behavior and game in the final was appaling. He refused to give up the ball; he insisted on those dribbles into double and triple teams by Chelsea players and simply decimated countless Bayern attacks by refusing to do anything but try and score by himself.

Now think of Bayern fans who have been used to being title gobblers and know nothing but success – Suddenly they’re like Leverkusen from 10 years ago. Losing in the Cup Final and the league title to a hated rival, while losing in the Champions League final after leading and dominating the entire match. Neverkusen, the Bavarian version.

So think of how infuriating it must of been seeing the player it was easiest to blame everything on play in the Netherlands Orange. There’s always a feeling that Robben is heading into the summer looking for his next contract. After PSV, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Bayern, who’s to say his time with the German runners-up isn’t over?

It certainly should be according to the Dutch players, who all jumped bravely on board to defend the hurt winger saying he should quit on Bayern and search for better fortunes. Wesley Sneijder offered oh so gallantly to be happy if he’d be added to the mix in Inter. Sneijder himself will probably be a part of transfer rumors this summer, as he has been for the last couple of years. Who knows where will he end up playing, and for who.

Bayern supporters have already issued an apology, but who knows, maybe the damage has already been done. Robben wasn’t exactly the happiest camper this season at the Allianz-Arena, and maybe it is time for a change, once again. Soldier of fortunes, which most footballers are, hardly find complete peace and serenity, no matter where they play. When they mess up on the big stage time and time again, it’s even likelier to find them looking for a place that’ll accept them with their growing painful baggage.

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