What Wayne Rooney Will Look Like After Football

Poor Wayne Rooney. It’s not his fault that he doesn’t have the genes to make him look like an Olympic swimmer. Despite all of his talent and accomplishment, people will always find a way to get back to his fondness of chubbiness and going bald, taking a step against that one by installing hair plugs, quite successfully one should admit.

But every once in a while, after one great season like last year, scoring 27 league goals for the club, comes a pitfall. An injury before the Euro and a disappointing tournament led to a bit of overeating and under-training in the summer, and Rooney began another season out of shape, overweight and pissing off Alex Ferguson.

He’s back on the right track now, returned relatively slim and very much in from from his early-season injury. But this isn’t the first he’s had a falling out with Ferguson over his attitude and form. Remember his incredible 2009-2010 season, when he took over from Cristiano Ronaldo? After that came 2010-2011, Rooney’s worst in a United uniform, in which he was on the verge of leaving the club. Everything turned out for the best, but there’s a certain pattern forming here, don’t you think?

There’s a lot of arguing about what position Rooney should be playing on the pitch and whether or not he’s a world class player or just overrated because he’s English. One thing most seem to agree upon is the quick deterioration in his physical condition and rapid rise in his weight and belly size the day he leaves the sport.