When Athletes Kiss – A Special Valentine’s Day Story

Even in the uber-macho world of sports, at least when it comes to men’s sport, loves triumphs barriers. When you love someone, even in an a-sexual way, only in the bro-mance kind way, nothing will hold you back from kissing the person that just made you happier than anyone else, by scoring a goal, winning a game or just getting yourself in the mood.

From baseball players to soccer stars; from NFL rookies and the league’s¬†commissioner; from crazed fans and surprised head coaches. Yes, the love-bug gets to everyone, and makes them all behave quite weirdly sometimes, letting their (hidden?) feeling come out, despite the thousands watching up close, and millions more watching at home.

Sometimes, You’re just a little bit bashful in front of everyone…

And need to get a room instead

Sometimes, not so much

You don’t really care if the world is looking at you

And if the other person deserves it or not

Because when you love someone

You want to show the whole world that you love him/her

It can be with millions watching at home

Sometimes it happens by mistake

But love isn’t something you plan for

It’s something you feel deep inside, and it makes you act funny sometimes

But it’s something that you just can’t hold back

And have to let that special someone know how you feel

Even When it’s a little inappropriate

But when someone likes it on his ear, you kiss him on his ear

Sometimes, kisses can be posionous

So you better know the person you’re doing it with

So just to be on the safe side, just let it be on the cheek, and keep it professional