When Players Cry – Euro 2012 Losing Gallery

Great tournaments bring with them ample opportunity for disappointment and tears, especially during the knockout stage when the losses are much more painful and tragic. The Italy – Spain final gave us plenty of tears from the Italian side, with Mario Balotelli watering away sticking in our minds the most, but he wasn’t alone in the crying game.

Mario Balotelli, Italy, Final vs Spain

Ricardo Montolivo, Italy, Final vs Spain

Andrea Pirlo couldn’t hold back his tears as well from a certain point

Italian fans after the final

Mesut Ozil, although you never know with him

Thomas Muller hiding his tears under a towel

Joao Moutinho, Portugal vs Spain. He missed one of the penalties.

That’s what flags are for

Sebastian Boenisch after Poland didn’t make it out of the group stage

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