Where to Watch PSG vs Barcelona Live

It’s hard to find a match in which Barcelona aren’t at least slight favorites, but facing the richest football club in the world, Paris Saint-Germain, who are showing it’s possible to put a high quality side in a very short span of time to compete for even the most prestigious of titles, the Champions League, means they might need to adjust their expectations from the first leg. If you don’t know where to watch this exciting clash, we’re here to help.

For Barcelona, the Champions League quarterfinals are almost like a second home, making it and passing through this stage every season for the last five. They’re leading the Spanish La Liga quite comfortably  not too distraught with their recent 2-2 draw against Celta Vigo. They’ve lost only two league matches this season (one of them not too long ago to Real Madrid). Lionel Messi (who else) is their leading scorer in the competition with 7 goals in 8 matches.

Paris-Saint Germain are on their way to win their first league title since 1994, leading Marseille by 7 points. Their recent form hasn’t been too impressive, winning only three matches out of their last six. They haven’t been this far in the UCL since 1995, when they reached the semifinal. In the Champions League, their top scorer is Ezequiel Lavezzi with 5 goals in 7 matches.

Where to watch – VIP Box Sports is our preferred option for live streaming, offering four links in English and Spanish to watch the match. Usually, the first one is of the highest quality. LiveSoccer TV have their options, and Livetv.ru is another recommended source for these matches. There’s always the Sopcast option, if you want to download the program to your computer.