White Sox vs Orioles – The Unique, Depressing Empty Stadium Experience

Empty Stadium


It was a game with a three-run home run from Chris Davis that no one was able to catch. We had players throwing the ball in celebration to the stands with no one to catch it. We had players signing fake autographs, just for the fun of it, just to get a feel of the game.

Two games in this series were cancelled because of the riots. The White Sox have just one trip to Baltimore this season, and it would be impossible to make it up later in the season, so they played this game by hook and by crook, only without fans in attendance. They didn’t want to put anyone in danger, nor tax the police with more engagements. They’re busy enough as it is, regardless of what you feel about how they’ve been handling this from the start.

Empty Camden Yards

For those who follow football (soccer) around the world, you’re probably familiar with some FA’s punishing teams by making them play without fans for a match or maybe more. It usually comes following fans rioting, throwing flares or other severe infringements. But this doesn’t happen in Baseball. And it made it one of the more bizarre sight & sounds event we’ll get to see in North American sports for a very long time.

In another weird twist of this event, the Orioles will be playing their next series against the Rays, in Tampa, as the home team.

Orioles White Sox Great View Baseball in an empty stadium