Who Will Chelsea Sign – Hulk, Edin Dzeko, Stevan Jovetic or Edinson Cavani

From the looks of things, Jose Mourinho doesn’t really care about balancing the accounts at Chelsea, instead looking to spend a lot of money and fast on at least one big-name striker, with Hulk, Edin Dzeko, Stevan Jovetic and Edinson Cavani all lined up for the move.

Obviously, it’ll never be all four of them, and the arrival of more than once probably depends on Chelsea’s ability to make at least one big sale this summer. David Luiz, Fernando Torres, Demba Ba and Branislav Ivanovic are all players that can fetch an impressive price in the transfer market, and all have been mentioned with a sale to here or there over the last couple of weeks. Juan Mata, the team’s best player last season, has also, surprisingly so, been rumored to possibly be on his way out of the club.

Edin Dzeko 2013

Hulk has been looking to leave to Chelsea for over a year, but ended up leaving to Zenit after the price for his services simply rose to something Chelsea couldn’t match. After a disappointing season in Russia in terms of ability and settling down, the Brazilian forward is looking for a way out, hoping that Zenit don’t make it too difficult for him to join the Europa League champions, but it’ll be costing north of £30 million according to what Zenit paid for him.

The cheapest out of all these players, but also the one least likely to have an immediate impact on the goalscoring record, is Stevan Jovetic. The Montenegrin international is also the youngest of the players, 23, and the one with the shortest track record when it comes to impressive seasons in goal numbers, scoring 26 over the last couple of season for Fiorentina. Both Arsenal and Juventus are interested in the player who prefers to stay in Italy, but the Florence club knows that the British teams can pay better.

Edinson Cavani is the most expensive of the players, and probably the best of them. He has been on an absolute tear over the last three seasons since joining Napoli from Palermo, finishing on top of the Serie A scoring charts last season with 29 goals. However, according to Napoli’s president, nothing short of the €60 million release clause will make the club sell him at this point.

Dzeko probably lost some of his stock price since arriving in England. He was doing wonderfully for Wolfsburg before being sold to Manchester City for  £27 million. Since then he’s had his ups and down, also times in and outside the lineup, but some might suggest that 40 goals in 106 matches is slightly disappointing from such a player, who’ll probably cost a little less for any team that’s not Chelsea which will try and sign him.

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