Weird and Unusual Sports – Wife Carrying

Wife Carrying CoupleImage: Source

Yes yes, this is a sport. It originated as a kind of joke in Sonkajarvi, Finland, a small municipality in Central Finland. Sonkajarvi is the Capital of the sport and it is where the World Championship of wife carrying are held annually since they began in 1997.

Despite being popular mainly in Finland, Sweden and Estonia it is also found in other places in the world including Michigan and Wisconsin in the United States. The local winners usually go on to compete in the world championship. Estonian couples have been dominating the competition, winning the last 11 championships.

The sport is pretty simple – carry your wife (it doesn’t have to be your wife) through a 253.5 meters obstacle course, she must way at least 49 kilograms and must be at least 17 years old. For more rules and information check out the official wife carrying  world championship website. Who knows, maybe you could be the person to finish the Estonian domination and become the World Champion of wife carrying. How hard can it be? The prize, if you need motivation – Your wife’s weight in Beer.