Will Manny Pacquiao Knockout Juan Manuel Marquez?

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It’s just a few days before Manny Pacquiao faces Juan Manuel Marquez for the third time, and between all the Floyd Mayweather date setting and fighting with Radio hosts, Freddie Roach (Pacquiao’s trainer) has time to predict a first round knockout.

Lets reminisce – Pacquiao took on Marquez back in 2004, and stunned the Mexican fighter by knocking him down three times before Marquez showed his amazing resiliency and tenacity, bringing the fight to a draw. That fight was at Featherweight.

Nearly four years later, the two met again. Pacquiao won narrowly, by split decision. Marquez claims he should have won both fights. That was the closest Pacquiao was close to losing since his 2005 fight with Erik Morales, his third and final professional loss to date. That fight was for the Super Featherweight title.

Marquez today is considered the number one Lightweight in the world. Pacquiao? He’s been fighting at Welterweight, and even going bigger, taking on Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto. Marquez had to pack on some pounds for this third fight. Not a good sign some would say, especially not against Pacquiao, and especially due to Marquez’ style.

I think he will try to exchange with Manny, come after Manny because he has hurt Manny a couple of times in the past. But if he does that, he’ll end up on the floor. There’s only one reason why they put on those muscles in so short a time. And I think it’s a mistake and I love it for my guy.

There’s a general feeling that Pacquiao wants to put this story to bed before he moves on with his boxing career. The doubts, mostly based in the Marquez camp, about the results of the two previous fights annoy him, motivate him. He’ll be going for the knockout, as he always does, but probably just a little more.

And there’s one more reason that this fight goes one round. I know that’s a bold statement (According to Roach). Marquez went the distance with Mayweather. I’m sure Pacquiao, at some level, wants to prove, no matter where their anticipated, dreamed of mega-fight stands, he can do better than Floyd Mayweather Jr.