Wimbledon 2012 Prediction – Nadal or Djokovic or Even… Federer

Eventually it comes down to two players, the last two Wimbledon champions – Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. Two players who have won the last nine grand slam tournaments. The rest of the predictions and guesses for the 2012 Wimbledon tournament? Nothing but wishful thinking, even regarding Roger Federer.

There’s an interesting read about conspiracy regarding Djokovic and Federer always getting to be in the same half, 13 of the last 15 Grand Slam tournaments. If there is one, and I doubt it, the logic is simple in my opinion. The overall notion is that Federer has an easier time facing Djokovic than Nadal. The only chance of having a Federer-Nadal final is if they’re not in the same side of the draw. It’s still the biggest match, and while Djokovic – Nadal is almost guaranteed to happen in every tournament final, they still leave a window open for a Federer-Nadal final.

But that’s enough about theories and dreams of Grumkins and Snarks. It doesn’t really matter to look on the route of all three players on their ways to the final. Federer has lost to Djokovic in six out of their last seven matches. Despite beating Nadal twice on hard courts in the last seven months, even on grass, Federer has to be regarded as the underdog.

In order to beat Nadal and Djokovic, the six time Wimbledon champion needs to play a flawless five-set match twice. He always has this drops in form and play during long matches, and these moments don’t go unpunished against the top two in the world. Federer can allow himself to have these stretches of bad tennis against anyone in the world ranked 4th or lower, but not against Nadal and Djokovic.

As for the Big Two, which is pretty much the state of Tennis these days, for good and for bad, it’s more about their mental strength and how they’ll try and force upon the other their kind of style on the given day. I don’t think we’ll see too many tweaks or changes in their games. Djokovic took some time off before Wimbledon, while Nadal stumbled in Halle, trying to adjust from Clay season. It didn’t really do him any good, but maybe it put the necessary loss behind him.

Nadal is the one going in with better form, and without that mental block he had against Djokovic for seven straight tournament finals. It’s just about tennis this time, and making it to 12. The memory of being run around the court by Djokovic in three straight Grand Slam finals is probably still bitter in a way, despite winning the Roland Garros. This time, it looks like Nadal won’t be so easy to push around.

Prediction – I’d love to say Federer, but I don’t see any chance of him playing so well against both of them, or even just Djokovic in the Semi Final. As for the Clasico in the final, it’s a toss up. Nadal seems more focused this season and back to his aggressive ways. Djokovic? Something is a bit off. He’ll lose another final to Nadal.

Images: Nadal