Wisconsin Badgers – Badger Style Spoof of Gangnam Style

There are about a million parodies and spoofs of PSY’s Gangnam style wandering the internet these days, but David Yang and his “Badger Style” anthem in honor of the Wisconsin Badgers College Football team may be the worst of them, but still worth the watch for humorous reasons.

If the Badgers were a strong team like in the previous couple of years, this might have been a bigger hit, but after a 3-1 start to season, currently leaving them out of the top 25, and the injury to Montee Ball, not a lot of people are too high on Wisconsin’s chances this season in the Big Ten and overall when it comes to the national picture and Bowl season.

For the guy who made this video, David Yang, it doesn’t really matter, throwing in a little big of House of Pain’s Jump Around into his remix. The best and funniest thing about this video seems to be the comments it’s getting. Top 3:

The only good part was the mash up with Jump Around. The vocals and lyrics were pretty bad. On the plus side, the blonde was hot.

It’s only a matter of time until every school does it. It’s the Dougie/soulja boy of 2012. I guess it’s whoever does it first and best.

y’all found the one asian in the entire state, props.