Aftermath of Klitschko – Haye Title Fight

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The Heavyweight division is boring. With the Klitschkos now with all the title belts on their shoulders, their franchise will probably age out into retirement (with few disturbances) with the titles, unless someone unexpected rises from the abyss of the unknown.

We needed a fast trash talking champion. It’s fun. Sports are entertaining, besides being a business and being taken way too seriously by too many people (including us). We want a guy who can make us laugh, feel, hate, whatever. Haye has a big mouth and has English as his first language. Don’t think that doesn’t enter the equation. The Klitschkos speak quite a few languages, but English isn’t their best. That doesn’t help their perception in the most important market, where the heavyweight division is as good as dead, the United States.

Re match and retirement – When the fight was over, Haye turned into explanations/excuses – He and his camp blamed the referee for a “disgusting” performance. Adam Booth, Haye’s trainer, said that Genaro Rodriguez ignored all the times Klitschko pushed Haye to the canvas. It looked more like breathers Haye was taking, but whatever. On one of his falls it was even considered a knockdown, but Haye was behind on points anyway.

David Haye has been talking about his plans to retire in October, three months from now, when he turn 31. Recovering from a broken toe, there’s no chance he’ll be 100% fit for the re-match Wladimir offered him. Klitschko had some words on Haye’s class, but the two did shake hands at the end of the fight. Still, Adam Booth said there wasn’t much of a chance that Haye would take the re-match offer – My conviction has always been that I don’t want David to box after October 13 – but it’s not up to me, it’s up to him. I believe he should walk away. The other thing is that now Wlad has all the belts, David is a voluntary challenger, he’s not in a position to demand a 50-50 split. Even in a 50-50 scenario we had so much against us and, as a man, I don’t know he could concede that much ground.

So is there someone else out-there? Tomasz Adamek will attempt to fracture the Klitschko coalition in two months as he takes on Vitali in Poland for the WBC title. Vitali hasn’t lost since his controversial TKO against Lennox Lewis in 2003. I’m not sure Adamek is the man, despite his 44-1 record, to become the Klitschko slayer. Besides him? No one. Tony Thompson and Eddie Chambers are due to meet in a title shot eliminator. Both have already lost to Wladimir, and both will probably lose again when they meet him.

The Klitschkos are the way they are. Wladimir is not an exciting fighter. His defense is fantastic, and he’s too big for many guys. Haye couldn’t compete with that size. He didn’t get knocked around, but he hardly threatened and managed to get only a couple of shots in. That was enough for Wladimir, as it usually is. It’s not his fault that he and his brother are at least a level above the competition. He doesn’t excite us, and there’s nothing to do about it. The Heavyweight division will survive and continue with its lower profile status, until someone exciting emerges. I hope that someone actually does, and in my lifetime.