World Cup – Qualifying Match Day 4 Predictions

Sometimes, qualifying tournaments bring together two huge teams in the same group, as is the case with Spain hosting France in the big match for group I, while Germany and Sweden (Group C) have a big 1-2 match of their own, overshadowing the rest of the teams with them.

Group A

Belgium’s win in Serbia separated them and Croatia from the rest of the group. Wales have nothing more than Gareth Bale to perform, so Croatia should win at home, same as Belgium against Scotland, while Serbia in Macedonia could be a draw in the making.

Croatia vs Wales, 20:00

Macedonia vs Serbia, 20:30

Belgium vs Scotland, 20:45

Group B

Two big matches in the group, with the three teams chasing Italy in action as well. The group leaders host Denmark at the San Siro, a match they should win but draws are never out of the question in Italy’s case, while Denmark are a good away team. The Czech Republic host Bulgaria in what looks like a home win.

Czech Republic vs Bulgaria, 20:00

Italy vs Denmark, 20:45

Group C

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All six teams are in action, but most of the focus and eyes will be on Berlin, where Germany, perfect so far with 3 from 3, host Sweden, perfect with 2 for 2. Hard to see Sweden, despite being the definite runners-up in this group, managing to get a point against a team that is simply a head above the competition in the qualifying group.

Faroe Islands vs Ireland, 19:00

Austria vs Kazakhstan, 20:35

Germany vs Sweden, 20:45

Group D

Andorra and Estonia don’t have a real effect on anything, but it’s impossible to think of the home side actually winning a match. Romania have beaten the Dutch in Romania before, so the Netherlands are rather cautious favorites this time, while Turkey can’t afford to lose in Hungary.

Andorra vs Estonia, 19:00

Romania vs Netherlands, 21:00

Hungary vs Turkey, 20:30

Group E

Cyprus hosting Norway is a match the Norwegians have to win in order to stay in the competition; Iceland are big underdogs hosting Switzerland, but that match is a bit trickier than usual, with their win over Norway to back them up. Albania have a decent shot of getting something out of their match with Slovenia.

Cyprus vs Norway, 20:00

Iceland vs Switzerland, 18:30

Albania vs Slovenia, 20:45

Group F

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Three very straightforward matches to predict: Russia will beat Azerbaijan, Israel already beat Luxembourg 6-0 on Friday and Portugal should rebound from their loss in Russia against Northern Ireland.

Russia vs Azerbaijan, 19:00

Israel vs Luxembourg, 18:00

Portugal vs Northern Ireland, 20:45

Group H

Very interesting day in a close group, as Ukraine host Montenegro, in what smells like a draw, but don’t count out an upset away win. England play in Poland, with Hodgson probably thinking about win but not going to be displeased with a draw as well, while Moldova should pick up their first win against San Marino.

Ukraine vs Montenegro, 21:00

San Marino vs Moldova, 20:30

Poland vs England, 21:00

Group I

The match of the group and pretty much the match of the entire European qualifiers as France travel to Spain as big underdogs, seeing as the teams weren’t even close when they met in Euro 2012. Belarus host Georgia, with Belarus hopefully picking up the first point(s) of the tournament.

Belarus vs Georgia, 19:00

Spain vs France, 21:00