2018 World Cup: Day 13 Predictions, Preview & Scenarios (Denmark vs France, Australia vs Peru, Nigeria vs Argentina, Iceland vs Croatia)

The qualifiers to the round of 16 in the 2018 World Cup from Groups C & D will be determined as Croatia (already in the next round) take on a desperate Iceland while an even more desperate face Nigeria. Earlier, France, in the same situation as Croatia, play against Denmark who only need a draw. Australia, still in the picture, face Peru, who only have respect to win and the Socceroos dreams to spoil left to play for.

Group C

N'Golo Kante

France are already in the next round. To finish first, all they need is a draw. Denmark only need a draw to qualify. Australia? They have to win, hope for Denmark to lose and for the goal amount column to be in their favor in order to find themselves in the round of 16.

Denmark vs France: Aside from the occasional Christian Eriksen moment of brilliance, Denmark have been disappointing. They’ll probably play for the draw unless they’re behind and news comes from the other match that changes their approach. France are the likely winners here.

Australia vs Peru: Both teams feel like they could have come away with more from their first two matches. Australia still have something to play for, but a draw seems like the most logical result here.

Group D

Luka Modric

Croatia will finish first with a draw, and even a loss will be enough as long as Nigeria don’t win against Argentina, or even don’t win by enough. Nigeria drawing against Argentina will be enough to qualify unless Iceland thrash Croatia. A win will send them through. And Argentina? They have to win, just like Iceland. Will it be enough? If Iceland don’t beat Croatia.

Nigeria vs Argentina: Anything can happen considering Argentina are reportedly run by the players, not the head coach. Nigeria lack any sort of solidity in the back or the ability to park the bus, but their quick and talented attackers could pose Argentina problems. Wild guess? Nigeria win.

Iceland vs Croatia: While Iceland beat Croatia in the World Cup qualifiers, they’ll struggle in this one, even if the outcome is more important to them. Unless Croatia bench their entire lineup, it’ll be a win for them, capping off a perfect group stage.

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