2014 World Cup – Cristiano Ronaldo Makes it Easy to Hate Him

Cristiano Ronaldo

Another match, another World Cup disappointment for Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal. The Real Madrid star is having a bad time in Brazil, with his ability, his team’s performance and his usual faces, antics and style on the field isn’t helping him win over those who are targeting his every little move and action just so they can hate him even more.

During the match between the United States and Portugal, one of our most trending stories was a post from six months ago – ‘Cristiano Ronaldo Proves Again What a Huge Douchebag he is, talking about the museum Ronaldo opened in Madeira, dedicated to his success on the football pitch. Everyone and anyone can do whatever they like with their money. It’s not illegal. But at the age of 28 or 29, opening a museum to glorify yourself seems a bit tacky and narcissistic.

The haircut, that zigzag on the side of his head, really helped out fuel the flames of hatred towards a player that has some incredible stories of helping his fans off the pitch. His charity work isn’t exactly headline making. But Ronaldo isn’t exactly the person he is when playing football. It brings out the worst of him when it comes to traits and behavior that people find likable and admirable. Maybe it’s only about passion, drive and a desire to win, but it comes off as egoistic, selfish and arrogant.

Walking it off

So the latest rumor about the hair cut, which makes quite a lot of sense considering the stories about Ronaldo’s doings off the field in the past, is that the zigzag was made as a tribute to Erik Ortiz Cruz, a young Spanish boy who is a big Ronaldo fan and had a tumor removed from his brain. That zigzag is suppose to emulate the scar left on Cruz’ side. It has nothing to do with a fashion statement. We hope.

Ronaldo can’t win the public opinion battlefield. When Nani scored his opening goal against Portugal, Ronaldo didn’t run to celebrate with the others. He rarely does immerse himself in celebrations that aren’t his own goals. Maybe it’s a burning, painful feeling inside of him, eating him up for not scoring. Maybe it’s just his way of acting when a teammate scores. Anyways, the combination of having a bad match, that haircut to start things off and walking off the pitch with Portugal all but eliminated didn’t help make this World Cup a redeeming tournament for him.

Not that he needs one. There’s only so much you can do with Portugal, and Ronaldo isn’t the kind of player to take them beyond their potential. His injury isn’t helping as well. The depressing tactics and decisions from his head coach, Paulo Bento, didn’t come in handy. Cristiano Ronaldo can’t wait for his Brazilian adventure to be over with, so he can get back to Real Madrid, where the attention to every little thing he does might be the same, but it’s so much easier for him to shut everyone up.

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