Top 5 Quizzes to Get You Ready for the 2018 World Cup

Few ways are better to get in the World Cup mood than trying to answer a series of World Cup quizzes, some more difficult than others.

2018 FIFA World Cup Teams

As basic as it gets – can you name the 32 teams that made it to the World Cup in Russia? We’ve already given you one (hint: It’s the host).

Every team in every World Cup ever

There have been 82 different teams to take part in a World Cup tournament since the inaugural one in 1930 through the previous one in 2014. Can you name them all?

World Cup Final Four

From the Macro to the Micro – can you name all of the teams to reach the World Cup Semi Final? Sure you can!

World Cup Hosts

Name all the hosts of the World Cup, from 1930 to 2014 and including the ones to be in 2018 (hint, you should know that one) and 2022.

World Cup Top Scorers

And last but not least – players. Do you know which ones scored more goals than the rest throughout the tournament’s history? Show what you got in this quiz.