Year by Year, Picking the Worst of the Last 20 NBA Drafts, Part II

Our second part of us selecting the worst draft picks in each year since 1990, this time the 2000-2009 selections. For Part I (1990-1999), go here.

2000 – Marcus Fizer, Bulls, No. 4 Pick

Marcus Fizer

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I guess writing that Fizer is now playing for the Guaynabo Nets in Puerto Rico is enough. Fizer came out of the college ranks after a strong Junior season with Iowa State, picked by the trying to find themselves Bulls. Fizer showed progress in his second season, scoring 12.3 points in 25 minutes coming off the bench on most night, but an ACL tear in 2003 during his third season signaled his spiraling way down. He got a 10 day contract with New Orleans in 2006 after doing well in the development league. He hasn’t played an NBA game since. The 2000 draft is considered as one of the worst in history, but still, Jamal Crawford, Hedo and Michael Redd (late second round) would have been better picks.

2001 – Kwame Brown, Wizards, No. 1 Pick

Kwame Brown

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The first prep-to-pro player that went no. 1 has been nothing but utter disappointment in his nine-year NBA career. Brown’s best season was his third with the Wizards, when he finally became a starter. Still, he didn’t manage anything better than 10.9 points and 7.4 rebounds a game. Nine years into his NBA career, Kwame has the stat line of 6.7 points and 5.4 rebounds per game. Some better picks this draft? Pau Gasol, Joe Johnson, Zach Randolph, Gerlad Wallace, Tony Parker, Arenas.

2002 – Jay Williams, Bulls, No. 2 Pick

Jay Williams

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Having a great career with Duke doesn’t mean you’re prone to making stupid mistakes. Williams had a decent rookie season with the Bulls, averaging 13 points and 6 assists per game. On June 2003 Williams crashed with his motorcycle, almost losing his life. He wasn’t wearing a helmet and didn’t have a license for the bike in Illinois. He hasn’t played in the NBA since, making failed comeback attempts numerous times. Better picks? I guess anyone considering he played just one season, but Amare, Caron Butler and Carlos Boozer really stand out.

2003 – Darko Milicic, Pistons, No. 2 Pick

Darko Milicic

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Best draft ever? Maybe… And Milicic might be the worst pick ever… He’s still in the league, lately doing his thing for the Timberwolves (8.3 points per game), but when the best nickname you’ve gotten during your career, the Human Victory Cigar, refers to the fact you only get off the bench when your team wins, it means you’re a bust. Better picks? Where to start? Carmelo, Wade, Bosh.

2004 – Rafael Araujo, Raptors, No. 8 Pick

Rafael Araujo

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Not a great draft like in 2003, but there were much better player to go with than the Brazilian who tested positive for Steroids in the 2002 World Championships. Araujo had two impressive seasons with BYU, buying the Raptors into picking him. His NBA resume? 139 games in three season with the Raptors and Jazz, 2.8 points and 2.8 rebounds per game. Better picks? Anyone. Seriously? Iguodala, Al Jefferson, Josh Smith, Jameer Nelson, Kevin Martin.

2005 – Ike Diogu, Warriors, No. 9 Pick

Ike Diogu

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Diogu was a second team All-American for Arizona State, but hasn’t really made an impact in the NBA. I guess people were too crazy about his length. Diogu didn’t even play this season for the Hornets, and will fight his way through the waves of free agents this off-season, hoping someone still wants a 6’9 big man with a 7’4 wingspan. Better Picks? Andrew Bynum, Danny Granger, David Lee, Monta Ellis.

2006 – Adam Morrison, Bobcats, No. 3 Pick

Adam Morrison

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From a sure thing to a total bust. 2006 – Oscar Robertson trophy winner. 2009 – Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of you as the Lakers won the title and came to the studio. Morrison looked so out of place, probably knowing he didn’t have any part of that title. A nice stat line to tell where he’s at during this part of his career – He has played only twice these playoffs so far (after not playing at all last season), for a total of 13 minutes. The way he’s going, he’ll be out of the league very soon. Better pics? Rondo, Rudy Gay, Brandon Roy.

2007 – Greg Oden, Blazers, No. 1 Pick

Greg Oden

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Three years after getting picked ahead of Kevin Durant, Oden has racked up 82 NBA games. He looked a bit better this season, but went down early on, and who knows when and how he’ll return when comes back. From the looks of things, Oden is definitely going down as one of the greatest busts in NBA history, very close to Sam Bowie territory, getting picked ahead of Michael Jordan. We’re not saying Durant is MJ, but it’s a pretty safe bet to put money on Durant ending up in the hall of fame.

2008 – Joe Alexander, Bucks, No. 8 Pick

Joe Alexander

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When it’s only two years after the draft, it might be too early to say if the guy is a bust or not. Alexander didn’t get an extension from the Bucks this season, was dropped to the D-League and then traded to the Bulls. Numbers with the Bulls? 8 games, 3.6 minutes a night. Looking more and more like a bust. Probably anyone would be a better pick. Brook Lopez, two spots below him, looks like a much a better choice.

2009 – Hasheem Thabeet, Grizzlies, No. 2 Pick

Hasheem Thabeet

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I felt sorry for Thabeet when I heard that Memphis demoted him to the D-League during the last season. He seems like a like-able guy. Anyone who watched him during his UCONN years knew he wasn’t ready. And even if you believe you can make something of the raw talent, why waste a no.2 pick on him? Who knows. Memphis had a decent season with Thabeet playing a very minor role in their failed playoff push (3.1 points, 3.6 rebounds), but maybe there’s still hope for the giant Tanzanian if the right people work with him.