Xavi and Puyol Cover Has to be Changed; Too Gay for Some People?


While Barcelona players are mostly worried about saving their season and beating Chelsea a the Camp Nou in order to qualify for the Champions League, there other pressing issues regarding the team in Catalonia.  Like finding less offending positions of Xavi and Puyol celebrating on a magazine cover.


The ‘Sex is Life’ ad on the bottom of the cover doesn’t help. We may be a modern society, a free thinking world, and people don’t really think there’s anything sexual going on, but the jokes, the jokes…

Apparantly, people don’t want to think about Xavi anywhere near Puyol’s important area, so they just found a picture of a few seconds later, which doesn’t have an offending appeal to it. The jokes are going to be made now anyway, so why change the cover?

All teams sports have that homo-erotic factor to them, 99% of it unintentional. Once in a while, a slip, photo-bomb or whatever you wanna call it is going to occur. People will have fun for a day or two and move on to the next ‘Big’ thing (bad choice of words?)

No need to actually start panicking about what people might think of the cover. I’m sure Xavi and Puyol would have survived with the original picture.