Baseball Games Shouldn’t Be This Long (Yankees vs Red Sox)

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Yeah, so the Boston Red Sox got a one game lead in the AL East. Rookie Josh Reddick got the game ending single, driving home David Ortiz. Mariano Rivera blew the save, which was probably the most amazing thing about this game, leaving Phil Hughes to complete the self destruct mode and complete the Boston comeback. At that point, four hours and 15 minutes since I started watching the game, I really didn’t care anymore.

That was Rivera’s fifth blown save this season, matching up with his 2010 number, with his current 85% success rate the lowest he’s had since 1997. Yeah, he still scares the hell out of hitters with the cutter. But at 41, you can’t be surprised he’s giving up a bit more runs than usual. Out of his 72 career blown saves, 14 have come against the Red Sox. Food for thought before the post season, with a very likely possibility of another series between these mega rivals.

But at that point, the ninth inning, I didn’t really care anymore. I wouldn’t forgive myself for staying this long with the game and quitting without watching the “thrilling” end. I like Baseball, and I even love long epic movies and TV shows, if they’re good. And yesterday’s game, despite the pitching duel, was barely good.

Josh Beckett, one fire recently, pitched six fantastic innings, but didn’t get the win. With all the usual stat to look at, it came down to the Yankees’ hitting, or non hitting, with runners in scoring positions. How bad? 0-10. That bad. The Red Sox? 4-12. Reddick’s 1-3 was the one that counted. Marco Scutaro was in the zone, with 4-4, 1 RBI. Derek Jeter? 0-4. Jorge Posada? Just angry. Eric Chavez, taking over the DH spot, was 0-4 as well.

The Red Sox have enough fire power to beat the Yankees. They completed their first win of the regular season series for the first time since 2004. That year when they ended the World Series drought. Signs for the future? Too soon to tell. The pitching isn’t good enough, but the Yankees can’t count on too many pitchers these days as well. The great pitching, at least in the regular season, is in Philadelphia and San Francisco. But I’m getting ahead of myself and the season.

There are plenty things to argue about regarding Baseball, past and future. Old Schoolers, purists or whatever, against those demanding change, thinking Baseball is a bit, archaic. A DH, yes or no. Pitchers should hit, yes or no. More inter league play, or just cancel it completely. There will be changes in divisions pretty soon I guess, but the game needs more than just structural change. A timer to start speeding up play and limit the amount of time pitchers do whatever the do between throws. Hitters take too much time outs to wipe their brow.Yesterday was an extra innings game I know.

Baseball doesn’t have that much happening in it to keep you captivated for over four hours. Maybe 150 minutes, three hours tops. It gets excruciating afterwards. And I don’t want to feel tormented by the end of a baseball game. Even if its for the lead in the AL East, even if its the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.