Yohan Cabaye With the Biggest Miss of the World Cup

It’s always a dangerous thing declaring something as THE goal, foul or miss of the World Cup, but there’s no doubt that while France will be celebrating their 5-2 win over Switzerland, Yohan Cabaye will have a difficult time forgetting his incredible miss in front of a wide open net during the first half.

With France already leading before we got to the 20th minute mark, a foul by Johan Djourou on Olivier Giroud led to a penalty kick for France, as Karim Benzema, the best player on the pitch, stepped up to take the kick.

Yohan Cabaye

Benzema’s shot was saved by Diego Benaglio, but his parry went into the wrong direction as far as Switzerland are concerned, giving Yohan Cabaye something of a free pass at the ball with no one guarding the net and no player defending him.

However, the usually excellent PSG midfielder leaped at the ball and sent the kick, of all places, to the crossbar, which was probably more difficult than scoring a goal. That miss wasn’t remembered because of the impressive 5-2 win and could have ended by a much wider margin if it wasn’t for some nice saves from Benaglio and the final goal being cancelled after a weird end of the match whistle from the referee, but It’s hard to believe Cabaye will just forget about such a miss like nothing happened.

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