Zlatan Ibrahimovic Having Some Fun With Rio Mavuba

Ibrahimovic, Mavuba

Lille are a frustrating team to play against this season, so it’s no surprise seeing Zlatan Ibrahimovic trying to use less than savory tactics in order to help PSG get a tough win (which they didn’t), starting up things with Rio Mavuba which led to both players getting booked.

Both players also scored in the match that ended in a 2-2 draw, keeping the title race wide open, with Monaco right behind Paris Saint-Germain and Lille following closely behind. They might not be shutting down their goal like before, but it doesn’t mean their excellent run has ended.

Ibrahimovic scored the opening goal in the match decided to mess around with Mavuba, probably venting some frustration. He was waiting for the referee to not look, and shoved the Frenchman. Mavuba came right back into Ibrahimovic’s face, and Zlatan grabbed him by the back of his head. By this time, the referee was already fully aware of what was happening, standing right in front of them.

Mavuba half slapped, half shoved Ibrahimovic in the face, and the big Swede came tumbling down. The referee, getting some ear-piece help from his assistants, realized this wasn’t worth blowing up a match for, so he decided to book both players for an incident that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Ibrahimovic forgetting he’s on a football pitch once more.

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