Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a League Above the Rest (PSG vs Marseille)

Two more goals, and another dominant performance from the best striker on the planet, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who wasn’t alone in the dominant cup win against Marseille, but there’s no doubt that whoever tries to steal the show from Ibra in the Paris Saint-Germain team, be it David Beckham or Lucas Moura, don’t stand a chance.

Ibrahimovic has now scored 5 goals in 3 matches against Marseille, as Saint-Germain do struggle this season at times against the smaller teams, but it has been proved more than once that playing an open game of attacking football against them, in Ligue 1 at least, isn’t the best of ideas.

Marseille did dominate the midfield in the league meeting a few days earlier, but Carlo Ancelotti gave David Beckham the reigns in the defensive midfield, and got another performance that proves the 37 year old is far from a washed up player only signed to use his brand name in a club aspiring to become one of the biggest names in Europe.

So Beckham sells T-shirts in an unproportional¬†rate to his ability and contribution, as valuable as it might be. Ibrahimovic? He’s everything. PSG played a deep 4-3-3, with a huge separation between the midfielders and the front three, consisting of Kevin Gameiro, Jeremy Menez and Ibrahimovic in the center. Thanks to Ibra’s presence and ability to control every long ball launched at him, or at least concentrate enough attention to him, allowing Gamiero and Menez to have the same success as passing targets to Beckham, Chantome and Matuidi, PSG had no problem creating chance after chance without relinquishing control of the midfield.

The Coupe de France isn’t the goal in this whole project, not even a minor one. But it was another display of just how far apart PSG are growing from the rest of the big clubs in France. Lyon are still hanging on in the league, but chances are that the 3 point gap will grow – PSG are a deep team, as great teams tend to be. Lyon simply don’t have that flexibility to allow rotation and rest to some of its stars, although getting knocked out of Europe might help in the long run. PSG visit the Stade de Gerland on May 11, two weeks before the season ends.

It’s unknown if this is Ibrahimovic’s last stop. Being part of something great for a long time might simply be a foreign thing to him, although he did feel at home with Milan. Financial realities forced his sale. At PSG, at least for the time being, there won’t be any problem of that kind. Only his own ambitions and demons (and there are a few) will determine if he might finally make a name for himself as one of the greatest ever, by leading a club all the way in the Champions League over the next few years.