Zlatan Ibrahimovic Might be in His Final Season With PSG

The frustration of losing to Bordeaux and missing out on another opportunity to take the lead in Ligue 1 caused Zlatan Ibrahimovic to go on a rant against the referees, the league and even France itself, although he did apologize for it later on.

But Ibrahimovic never stays around for too long. One of the more successful mercenaries European football has ever seen, winning championships with Ajax, Juventus, Barcelona, Inter, AC Milan and twice with Paris Saint-Germain, it’s always about the next stop for the Swedish striker.

Ibrahimovic’s rant against officials and the nation, suggesting France doesn’t deserve a team like PSG, isn’t some anti-French ideology from the 33-year old. It’s just frustration and anger; venting out at the worst possible moment to have a camera pointed at you.

But it’s not going to help him stay out of trouble, with a suspension probably coming up very soon. Lyon failed to open a four point lead after drawing with Marseille, but they remain a step ahead of PSG, a team that financially is quite a few levels above anyone else in the Ligue 1, including Monaco who never have been able to keep up for more than one season.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

A serious punishment and missing out on the league title will probably serve as a catalyst for Ibrahimovic to start thinking about moving. He hasn’t won a championship in England or Germany. The Champions League? PSG are through to the quarterfinals, but it’s too difficult to base your decisions on the chances of winning that trophy.

Regardless of the motivation, Ibrahimovic playing for a different club in 2015-2016 doesn’t sound like such a far fetched idea at the moment, and the bigger the punishment the easier it’ll be for him to make up his mind about leaving.

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