Zlatan Ibrahimovic Scores His Greatest Goal

There have been quite a few memorable goals on the resume of Zlatan Ibrahimovic throughout his career, but his no look scissor kick in the friendly match for Sweden against England, capping off a four goal performance in a 4-2 win is probably is greatest ever.

The circumstances were perfect. Garbage time of an international friendly, Joe Hart leaving his goal to try and do something no one could really explain. But Zlatan didn’t even flinch. He had his back to the goal from more than 30 meters out, but didn’t mind. Ibrahimovic never really cares. It’s like him to come up with a phrase later, something along the lines of “Zlatan always knows where the goal is” or something like that.

So Ibrahimovic, without seeing the goal, just went for the hardest thing possible. Geniuses, arrogant geniuses, are like that sometimes. Luck had something to do with it, but few players in the world possess the skill to score something like that, or even try something like that after already scoring three goals in the match, ruining Roy Hodgson’s unbeaten run with England.

Only a friendly match and the shortlist for the Puskas award is already closed, but there’s no doubt what the most memorable goal of the year is.