Zlatan Ibrahimovic Throws the Ball in The Face of Gunnar Nielsen

If there’s one player you’re never surprised seeing doing something like this, it’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who couldn’t let the 2-0 Sweden win over the Faroe Islands go peacefully, throwing the ball into the face of goalkeeper Gunnar Nielsen during one discussion with the referee.

Ibrahimovic scored two goals that kept Sweden on pace with Austria and Ireland in their chase of the second place, but the event that that didn’t even get him booked might become a bit more serious in the eyes of UEFA if some form of complaint will be filed.

Ibrahimovic didn’t show any remorse for his minor slip, actually feeling kind of proud he used a no-look pass to shut the goalkeeper up, feeling that the Faroe Islands players complained way too much about every little thing.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Sweden

Translated transcript of his post-game interview about the incident, courtesy of Re1nForce:

Interviewer: – You got pretty psyched out by the goalkeeper.

Zlatan: – Absolutely not, I’ve never met a team like these guys before that talks so much shit and whines as much as them.

Interviewer: – How do you mean?

Zlatan: – They’re talking all the time.

Interviewer: – What are they saying then?

Zlatan: – You can see yourself on their reactions, every call they’re 10 men around the referee complaining and discussing, play some football…


Interviewer #2: – How did you dare to throw the ball at the keeper?

Zlatan: – He talks too much…

Interviewer #2: – …but you weren’t afraid to get a yellow card and miss the game versus Ireland then?…

Zlatan: – Absolutely not, absolutely not.

Interviewer #2: – But you did deserve a yellow for that.

Zlatan: – Absolutely not… if you were the referee perhaps… but you know better than me of course.

Interviewer #2: – No, no, no.

Zlatan: – Yeah, that’s what you act like.

Interviewer: ( laughing ) – We’ll see what it looks like…

clip rolling of the throwing of the ball

Interviewer: – Okay, so here we see the clip, you were a little frustrated here right?

Zlatan: – I didn’t see him… it was a no-look pass, so that’s good… I hit him.

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