Didier Zokora Kicking Racism (and Emre) Out of Football

Didier Zokora kicking Emre in the crotch isn’t exactly what your parents want you to learn when you watch football. But when racism can’t be plowed down by the Turkish FF or whoever it is that’s handing out punishments, sometimes the players, especially those suffering from racial slurs, take matters into their own hands.

Emre was caught on camera saying F^%$#@$ Ni%%$ to Zokora during a match between Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce, right in front of the referee. He got suspended for 2 matches, although the regulations in Turkey stipulate the he should have been banned for at least four matches. Zokora, and other Trabzon players, decided to dish out their own kind of punishment.

Emre denied using a racial slur, saying he used the word prick. He talked about he is not a racist, comparing himself to Luis Suarez (is a racist according to Emra), claiming Zokora lied and that he himself suffered racial abuse during his career in Europe, playing in Italy and England.

Well, all that didn’t matter to Zokora and Trabzon players, Zokora refused to shake hands with Emre before the match, but the ‘justice’ didn’t end there. Trabzon players targeted Emre all throughout the match, but the worst came when Zokora ignored everything and everyone around him and kicked the Turkish international straight where the sun don’t shine. Only a yellow card came out of that.

Did Zokora help eliminate racism? Probably not. Violence does not counter violent words. But I’m pretty sure he felt good about himself, which also something to smile about, at least for him. Street justice or a form of it has its advantages. It may lead to a darker and dangerous road if turned into something more acceptable, but it’s hard to argue that Emre had to see it coming.