Jimmer Fredette – Next Adam Morrison or Something Better?

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They won’t be picking him as high as Morrison went after the 2006 Draft, that’s for sure. Jimmer Fredette ended his college career with a 83-74 loss to Florida in overtime. Fredette did score 32 points but went for 11-29 from the field and a horrendous 3-15 from three point. BYU’s success came from Fredette’s shooting and everybody else hustling around him, like in the 89-67 win over Gonzaga, with Fredette scoring 34 including 7 tre’s. That didn’t work against Florida who just worked and defender a lot harder than BYU.

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Now Fredette will leave the comforts and love of playing his college ball with BYU and enter the NBA – a world full of sin, temptation and a much less lovin’ and patient environment. Players like Fredette are very hard to predict regarding their future success in the NBA. Adam Morrison and JJ Redick scored at will while playing college ball. Morrison hasn’t played basketball since last year’s playoff and is a free agent (In his defense, playing with diabetes isn’t exactly the bestĀ ingredientĀ for NBA success) . Reddick struggled to find himself during his first two seasons in the league but has since become a valuable role player for the Orlando Magic, averaging over 10 points a game this year. Far from an All-Star but aĀ legitimateĀ NBA player, playing to his strenghts. Where does Fredette fall in this equation or will he find himself in a different role?

Jimmer hasĀ exceptionalĀ offensive skills – excellent and streaky outside shooter with a few creative shots in his arsenal. Still, he’s no Pistol Pete and his defense is mediocre at best. Landing in a team that’s not a complete mess right now would be pretty nice as well and helpful for his future.

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