14 Best Memes of Tyson Fury Destroying Deontay Wilder

14 Best Memes of Tyson Fury Destroying Deontay Wilder

Why did you stop the fight

There’s something a big boxing fight that gets the most out of meme makers. Tyson Fury destroying Deontay Wilder lived up to that tradition.

Perhaps it’s the nature of the sport – the excessive manliness and masochism. Usually (the previous encounter between the two is one of the exceptions) there’s a winner. The loser? A beaten foe. Often a target for ridicule.

Wilder, like most boxers with his pedigree, did a lot of talking before the fight. He didn’t match it in the ring, losing with a 7th round TKO. Fury hammered him until Wilder’s ring threw in the towel. Wilder wasn’t happy about it, but he was getting his a$$ kicked. It’s good thing the fight stop when it did.

And many things in the fight provided legendary meme material: That photo of Wilder’s busted lip; Fury licking blood off of Wilder, and plenty more. It’s the kind of stuff that turn another championship fight into a legendary one.

Wilder face not recognised
Wilder is Bubba from Forrest Gump
Wandering off the set of masked singer

Maybe the only place where Wilder won was the entrance, if the competition was making the bigger spectacle.

Taco Bell & Tummy Joke
Why did you wake me up
Fury Punches Wilder

Someone did throw in the damn towel.

Deontay Wilder Do You Want to Continue
Fury Licking Blood
Black Delegation trading Deontay Wilder

A brilliant reference to the epic Dave Chappelle sketch about the racial draft.

Deontay Wilder Crying Jordan
Wilder Fury Pulp Fiction
Tyson Fury Shakira Licking

Who did it better – Shakira or Tyson Fury?

Deontay Wilder Martin Lawrence

Images via Black Adam Schefter on Facebook

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