Barack Obama Teaching David Cameron About College Basketball

Barack Obama, the American President, is a huge basketball fan. His annual March Madness brackets are televised on ESPN. He usually goes with Kansas for the win, missing out in the last two years, but did get it right with North Carolina in 2009. He also has time to spread the word of basketball to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, taking the PM to Dayton, showing him Western Kentucky and Mississippi Valley State in one of the ‘First Four’ games.

Cameron doesn’t know a thing, apparently, about basketball. I know that hoops aren’t that big in the UK, falling well behind football, Rugby, Cricket and numerous others (just look at every British news website and try and find the Bball header), but it wasn’t only Cameron’s first time attending a basketball game, I’m pretty sure it was the first one he ever saw.

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Western Kentucky came back from 16 points down, turned into full court press mode for the final moments and stunned the Delta Devils. WKU did reach the final four in 1971 and this is their first tournament appearance since 2009. The Devils, who won the SWAC tournament and regular season title, didn’t even make the most incredible crumble of the night. BYU stunned Iona while coming back from 25 points behind.

But in a not so full attendance at the University of Dayton Arena, Obama and Cameron took most of the camera time it seemed, and also the attention of the audience. Watching Cameron┬árepeatedly┬áasking questions, being polite or genuinely interested we’ll never know, was hilarious. After all, the man has the Olympics in London this summer, so I guess he’s doing his homework.

I’ve heard, before, critiques going on about how this president, or any other government/nation leader goes off and actually does something fun instead of running the nation. Idiots. People, even with the most important jobs in the world, need their off time. They need to show their human side, which never hurts on election year. Attending a basketball game and participating in the biggest even in American Sports during March can do no wrong.

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