14 Best Memes of Kansas Getting Knocked out by Villanova

14 Best Memes of Kansas Getting Knocked out by Villanova

While Kansas aren’t as hated as Duke, their annual failure to make the Final Four, this time at the hands of Villanova, resulted in plenty of memes making fun of the Jayhawks, mostly through the never ending line of Crying Jordan photoshops.

Bill Self owns the Big 12, but Kansas usually underperform in the NCAA Tournament, despite almost always being the higher seed in games they go out on and quite a lot of times, like this one, as the number one seed, including the number one ranked team in the nation.

Villanova didn’t do anything special. They simply played fantastic defense, forced turnovers and made the paint an unwelcome place for Perry Ellis, who had a very easy time in previous round. Ellis of course is part of the memes, making fun of his aging look. Ellis himself joked about being eligible for another year. It’s hard imagining him playing anywhere else.

Be careful not to lose or they’ll photoshop a Jordan face on you is something you hear quite often these days. The Jayhawks really felt like they could avoid their usual fate this time, but turns out some things are stronger than talent, experience and depth, extending their relative Final Four and National Championship drought.

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