Alex Rodriguez Makes Himself Look Worse Than Ever

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Alex Rodriguez just can’t stay away from bad news, from bad press, from doing stupid stuff. Forget about the steroids, we’re on to Hollywood celebrity gambling, poker. For all we know half the players who have hit at least 30 home runs in a single season during the last 25 years have done it illegally. When so many players do it, when so many players get caught, as long as they don’t lie to the Federal Government, they can continue with their careers and life comfortably. Their records stay intact, they keep getting big cash, they just stay out of the hall of fame.

Star Magazine was doing some story on illegal, high stakes gambling involving a few of Hollywood’s biggest names – Di Caprio, Matt Damon among them. Alex Rodriguez happened to be there as well. After winning his first World Series in 2009, you’d think Rodriguez would simply enjoy playing Baseball and trying to break records without the title chase weight on his shoulders. No. Being the highest paid athlete in team sports isn’t enough for him. Dating famous women isn’t enough.

Spending plenty of time injured (life in the mid 30’s and onward is tough) tends to put too much free time on your hands. For guys like A-Rod, I guess, it means spending some of your 33 million dollars a year you earn from swinging bats on gambling. Which is illegal, unless you’re in certain states, in a Casino. And now Bud Selig seems to be fed up with him, according to sources close to the commish.

MLB will look into the matter. Question Rodriguez and others involved. Questions about cocaine and those games turning violent, according to reports. Funnily enough, Rodriguez was warned about participating in illegal gambling six years ago. Yet he, allegedly, went on and did it. And get caught. So it’ll be a suspension if he’s found guilty by the league. And his already tarnished legacy and career, which by the numbers looks so great. Maybe the greatest ever. But A-Rod won’t even be remembered as a champions. He’ll be remembered as a vain MVP who took illegal substances, had a cutthroat of an agent making him tons of money and not a lot more.

Athletes shouldn’t be involved in gambling. Other guys? Who cares if Di Caprio bets 5 million dollars if he has pocket aces. Athletes, from nearly living gods like Michael Jordan (when he played) to vanity stricken guys like A-Rod, it’s off the limit. It shouldn’t be so hard to comprehend. But when you see someone willing to pay you 33 million dollars a year for whatever it is he does, you feel you can get away with someone you know is illegal.