Amir Khan vs Floyd Mayweather Fight Takes Shape With Peterson in the Way

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First Lamont Peterson in Washington, a fight Amir Khan said he’ll invite president Barack Obama to watch. Then? Welterweight, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. According to Khan, Mayweather has verbally agreed to fight him in the near future, probably some time around 2012.

The WBA and IBF Light Welterweight champion, who last fought Zab Judah in July, winning by way of knockout in the fifth round. He’s been gunning for Floyd Mayweather Jr. ever since, announcing he’s done with the Light-Welterweight division, feeling it’s time to move up and clean the Welterweight weight class.

But first, one farewell fight from the 140 pounders. Khan and Peterson confirmed their December 10 fight in Washington at the Tuesday press conference. For Peterson (29-1-1), a Washington native, it feels like the home advantage will be a decisive factor –

I respect Khan for his accomplishments and as a champion, but this is something that goes beyond all that. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for my entire career, and to win a world title at home is something that I will remember forever. On December 10, I will make my dreams come true and ruin Amir’s plans to reign over his division. 

Peterson’s only defeat came against Timothy Bradley, the WBO champion, back in 2009. Amir Khan wanted to face Bradley all along, unifying the belts, but it seems the undefeated American wanted nothing to do with the Briton – I am looking forward to returning to the United States to face a worthy challenger like Lamont Peterson. I always said I wanted to be active and a true world champion and I will prove it on December 10. I know Lamont is a strong contender but it doesn’t matter that I’m fighting him in his back yard, I’m coming in as champion and will leave as champion. Khan was respectful, but obviously very confident.

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And when he spoke about Floyd Mayweather, he didn’t look any less confident. Maybe he should, as Mayweather is undefeated (42-0, 26 KOs) coming off his knockout (controversial) victory over Victor Ortiz. Lamont Peterson’s draw came against Ortiz, in the undercard fight to Amir Khan vs Maidana in December 2010. But that’s getting steered away from the subject.

The big news regarding Mayweather is that Khan says the WBC Welterweight champion has verbally agreed to fight him in the near future. What does that mean? I guess 2012. Manny Pacquiao fight? No word. Khan is already beginning the trash talk regarding Mayweather, saying he wants to clean up the division – I want to go up there and clean up the division. Mayweather talks a lot of trash, he disrespects his fighters and disrespects presenters. I’d never do that. I’m a humble guy. Boxing teaches you discipline and he should be a disciplined fighter. He should be the face of boxing in a good way, not a bad way.

Humble? I’m not so sure. But he doesn’t piss people off like Mayweather does, that’s for sure. The feuds and media fights he gets into are pretty much a twitter thing only. Khan, despite stressing the fact that he has to face Peterson before beginning his Welterweight career, and that he’ll probably need one fight at Welterweight to be ready for Mayweather, kept pressing the ‘bigger fight’ matter. That’s promotion for you.

Order of business? Mayweather’s beatable, and it’s time he goes down – You can see now Mayweather gets caught. That never happened before. He’s walking forward and you can see he’s very robotic compared to those early days. He was amazing. Maybe Khan was watching some other fight, but the only thing was maybe, maybe, some rustiness from Floyd, due to his inactivity in the ring for over a year.

I’ve tasted defeat and I don’t ever want to taste it again. Floyd hasn’t been beaten and that’s one thing I know he’s scared of. He admits it himself. He loses and that’s him finished. And his time is up. 

I guess we’ll have to wait, not too long, for the Mayweather trash-talk-back. I love the pre-fights, even ones that aren’t signed to happen, with all the Alpha Male swagger and promotion going on. It’s fun. It’s a shame when a boxer doesn’t live up to his words, and if Khan doesn’t beat Peterson two months from now, the whole plan of getting to the mega fight might crumble.