26 Best Memes of Canelo Knocking Out Amir Khan

The road for Canelo to get the fight everyone has been actually waiting for just got shorter. His knockout of Amir Khan gets him closer to fighting Gennady Golovkin, while gave meme makers the opportunity to make fun of the losing boxer.

Khan pretty much rose two weight classes in order to get a big payday, maybe his last at this level, and fight Saul Alvarez, who is quite comfortable at 155. Canelo might have needed some time to adjust to Khan’s speed early on, but Khan isn’t as fast at the Middleweight class, and the comfort differences with the size were more and more apparent as the fight wore on.

It ended as many expected it to: With Canelo knocking out Khan, going down in the sixth round. Props to Khan for taking the risk of moving up from where he’s most comfortable, but being in a mismatch isn’t an excuse to losing, and once again getting knocked out.

Some think this is the end of Khan’s career. Not that he’ll find it difficult to find work, but getting knocked out so many times takes its toll on a fighter outside the ring. Canelo? He’s destined to rule the boxing world, with everyone waiting for GGG to accept his invite.

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Khan isn't getting up View from the 6

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