15 Best Memes of Conor McGregor Getting Revenge Against Nate Diaz

Conor McGregor Bolt

In a fight that sets up a deciding third bout for this trilogy, Conor McGregor got his revenge against Nate Diaz, which means the memes were either criticizing McGregor for being cautious, or making fun of Diaz for getting beat up.

McGregor won by a majority decision, his first non-KO win since 2013, and a reply to his loss against Diaz in UFC 196 five months ago, when he tapped out. For some reason, not charging in without any thought behind it is considered cowardness. But McGregor landed better shots, scored knock downs, and made Diaz look like his face went through a serious ordeal.

McGregor also cleaned up financially with the biggest purse in the history of UFC, and it’ll be interesting to know the PPV figures. Diaz fought well, got his money, and will probably get another shot at fighting McGregor. The two make good rivals not just in the hatred for each other and the show they put on before fights. Their styles mix well, making for an entertaining clash.

While UFC is thriving, cash cows are rare, and McGregor presents their most marketable fighter, especially in a division without any PED problems like for heavier guys which really put MMA in a bad light. Diaz and McGregor can go in other directions, but the real money is always in the rematch, especially if it’s a third one.

Nate Diaz Crying Jordan

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