Gerrit Cole Picks His Nose and Eats What He Finds

Gerrit Cole

Having a good rookie season doesn’t mean you can get away with everything, and Gerrit Cole of the Pittsburgh Pirates apparently forgot he was being watched. The pitcher, sitting in the dugout, decided to pick his nose on camera and then went on to eat the booger that he found.

While picking your nose in understandable, it’s hard to believe these players don’t know they’re being watched. And like German national team head coach Joachim Low in the past, Cole made the mistake of thinking no one is really looking, watching, viewing and recording and went all playground on what he found, deciding to taste and eat it.

Cole is enjoyed a 5-4 start to his MLB career with a 3.56 ERA. He is averaging six strikeouts per nine innings to 1.9 walks, and is in somewhat of a slump (maybe explaining his bold decision), losing four of his last five starts.